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if there was one word to describe me this morning it would be without a doubt exhausted. for whatever reason, last night out of all nights, my body decided sleep was not a viable option for a great use of the wee morning hours. instead my brain spent that time elaborating on every other idea that seemed to pass through it. sadly, no epiphanies occurred, as at least then i could say it was time well spent.

now i'm sitting here at work, an empty house, with an empty office, while the dogs continue to bark. i've been mulling over the concept of quitting for some time now and i think soon i might grow a pair and do it. i've decided that if i'm going to branch out on this island, make friends, and enjoy life like i want to that narrows me down to two job categories: retail and food/waitressing. having worked at starbucks before, i'm ruling out waitressing/handling food, as it really isn't what i'd like to leave a cushy office job for. retail on the other hand, would put me around people my own age, and allow me to socialize more than the current state of affairs. aka, talking to my boss and his kids, when they are actually home.

so far, i've been perusing craigslist, and the local mall directory for potential candidates and job postings. sephora, pier 1, j. crew, and banana republic are hiring, and i've already sent in my resume to three of the four, showing little to zero retail experience, depending on how you interpret hand writing up sales slips once a month at my short web-design gig for macalistaire at 1850. that being said, i'm always willing to learn and try new things, so potential employers, if you're reading this, am i the girl for you!!

i know that ultimately, retail won't be my dream job, just like every other job i've come into contact with upon moving to hawaii. but i know it will at least be a step towards feeling more at home here. creating friends, socializing, and smiling!!

hopefully this transition will go smoothly, as i still have a lot of emotions up in the air, but i know i need a change, as life's too short to remain unhappy. 

do any of you work retail? or even just a job you're less than thrilled with more than half the time? i'd love to hear your stories and experiences! leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail at :)

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