post no. 255 -- eye boogers, and other morning nonsense

over the weekend, i decided to spruce up the place with some new finds and hand-me-downs from a friend of mine. i decided to ditch the old color scheme and go with a more neutral "z gallerie meets quirky" theme throughout our whole apartment. our bedroom is a whole other post. one that involves me making our bed, which in my current sleepy state, i am in no condition to do. but for now, i'm off to the shower, and on to finish buzz's to do list, then off to work... yayyy... 

anywhoo, have any of you recently revamped a space of your own? kid's room, nursery, or just straightened up your attic? love to see!! leave me a comment with the links back to you and i will check them out!! 


  1. Is it awful that I make my husband a 'to do' list when I go out sometimes? haha.

    I am loving all of your pictures, GORGEOUS

  2. Not at all! He always spends too long in front of his computer screen if I don't :P

    Oh, and thank you!! :)


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