post no. 284 -- dinner and then some


i think assembling ingredients is probably the most fun anyone could have. second only of course to not having to do dishes after cooking. 

yesterday was spent watching julie and julia on the lifetime channel. in between selling our old dining table, and taking jack out for potty breaks of course. kris was at work all day and that left me to my own devices of loafing, blogging, and the occasional urge to clean things. i have probably seen j&j five or six times, but each time i manage to get completely sucked in, and go on a cooking spree afterwards. yesterday was no exception. while managing to talk myself out of channeling cake boss and concocting a monster of a belated birthday cake, i could not talk the chubby inner child out of cooking dinner. i mean after all it was dinner, and it needed cooking whether i liked it or not. 

so i made chicken. poor kris is sick of chicken after the last couple of meals, but he did comment that this was the best so far. so chicken, some sort of rice pudding thing, and slightly overcooked asparagus. what a domestic goddess i am. 

in between cooking jack decided that jumping {we're talking like gazelle leaps here} throughout our 10'x13' living room was a great way to get my attention for play time. two messy rugs, and one almost broken candle holder later, jack's demands were met just in time to ring kris up on the elevator. 

we spent the rest of the evening being lazy before bed, and talking about christmas plans {hooray, it's coming!}

here are some more pictures from the afternoon:

i hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

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