post no. 264 -- what inspires me wednesdays... is back!

hey everyone, remember what inspires me wednesdays?? well, after much deliberating last night about the pros and cons (in my mind) of feature posts/weekly repeat posts/series posts {i could go on for approx. 48 minutes about this}  etc. etc. etc. i decided to bring back my favorite posts: what inspires me wednesdays. i originally started the series with a post about one of my favorite bloggers and little tid bits that made me smile that particular day. in keeping with that theme, each week i'll post some things that inspire me along with one person {blogger, family member, artist, random bloke off the street, like i said i could go on for quite a good chunk of time...}. so i'm going to stop rambling and get to it, welcome back what inspires me wednesdays!!

this poster. as buzz and i are getting back into the swing of things with working out {we took a break there between the stress of the move and the dog chewing up our gym key} and posters like this help stay motivated when feeling like we're stating from scratch all over again.

all things teacher. when i was a sophomore in high school i had a world history class that really got me pumped up about the subject. from then on out i could never get enough history, even when i was majoring in architecture. for the last year plus i have been going back between career paths and i have finally decided to go with what i originally decided several years ago, a high school history teacher. i have already gone ahead and applied for college in the history program and based on my little course plan i should be finished with my aa in history around christmas 2012, then on to finish my bachelor's in the subject, and a master's in education and i'll be on my way to teaching kids a couple years younger than myself. lately what's been keeping me motivated towards my goal are all things teacher. from outfits, to cute little organization ideas, everything has been pushing me one more step in the right direction.

the frame in this tattoo. i can't wait to get my sleeve finished. and this frame is the inspiration for the frame/mirror around anne that i am planning on getting worked on next.

danielle from sometimes sweet. danielle is a momma blogger from arizona that could not be any cuter. she always seems to keep a positive outlook on life that is truly an inspiration. her blog was a factor behind me taking the plunge to start my own blog, and has been a daily read ever since. 

well folks, that's all for this week's what inspires me wednesdays. check back next week for more!! 

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