post no. 290 -- lady luck

remember awhile back when i blogged about janine basil and her fabulous headbands? well over the lat couple of days kris and i have been joking back and forth about our run of "luck" and are both pretty convinced on getting some #13 tattoos, or for me a lady luck piece. what first started out as a bit of joke has actually got me pretty convinced that i might pause work on my sleeve {as if it's not already paused enough from lack of funds} to start a new irish pride piece on my upper back/lower neck, whatever you want to call it.

i love color, and while i haven't been able to add any to my anchor yet {sad face} i want to be covered in vibrant and bold pieces. that is why the tattoos above appeal to me.

another brief notion i had was to splay out lady luck on my knuckles... but i don't know how well that would go over with work for the time being.

i keep gravitating back to this headband though. it's simple yet it gets across exactly what i want. old school irish pride. and a smidgen of irony. i think this would be perfect at the nape of my neck, and i can't wait to get it done. now if only my bank account will cooperate.  

 did you know that irish luck is ironic in and of itself? take a look.

planning on any tattoos of your own, or have any new ones you'd like to show off??


  1. I love those!

    I have a ton of tattoos planned but no money as well. Womp. Womp.

    I want another sleeve, my other rib, and some of my legs. If I didn't work at a law firm I would get my hands and knuckles (maybe when I retire ;)

  2. ahhh the joys of being poor! i want my hands too!! and knuckles... when i told my hubs he gave me *that face* like ehhh is that such a good idea.. so i feel you on trying to maintain professionalism :/


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