post no. 256 -- oh adulthood

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remember when you were little and you played house? and you shopped for plastic food at the grocery store that you set up on your bed? and when it came to pay for stuff you just wrote up your own paper money... what happened to those golden years? the years where you actually played with baby dolls instead of thinking whether or not to have babies of your own. i miss those days, now it's off to go be a grown up, and embrace today. bills, grocery shopping, discussions about the future and all!

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  1. the thing is.....all those games playing "grocery shopping" and "cooking" and "house" and "mommy & baby" was just society standards setting us up to be ready to embrace our here we are....doing the real thing. And when you really think about it- it isn't as hard as it is stressing, right? And, being a grown up is what we always wanted, we just never knew how much it entailed. XOXO


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