post no. 265 -- thursday's snapshot v. 2

well hiya folks! today marks day four with buzz being gone again on a business trip. if he had a normal job i'd probably put up a bit more of a protest but because he's protecting the country and all that jazz i guess i'm ok with it ;) 

this week so far has been flying by. granted it's only thursday but still, i'm excited to have the first business week of buzz's "business" trip almost done. unlike in the past, i think i might just finally be getting used to having just jack and i in the house from time to time. other than jack romping through the pillows and throwing blankets on the floor {doesn't she sound like a toddler?}, the house stays in pretty good order when there's only one set of dishes being used at a time. these trips help me focus on taking some time for myself and getting a couple more things checked off my lofty list of todos. 

i have been working out a more specific routine with us in the mornings that involves earlier everything. hopefully this will help me get more accomplished in the mornings instead of feeling so rushed when it's time to head down to the vespa. it might also prevent me from forgetting random things like oh... my lunch, or taking out the trash... {p.s. your thoughts and prayers for the safety of my trash can today would be greatly appreciated, must i remind you all of this again} i know that whatever routine we work out will be completely thrown out the window when buzz gets back from underway, but a girl can try!

other than that it's just the usual routine for when buzz is gone, have girl time with friends, lots of long bark park visits watching jack sprint after jack russells, and catching up on keeping up with the kardashians. hopefully i can squeeze some reading in there and blog brainstorming, but other than that it's a pretty average week. 

i hope you all are having a fantastic thursday so far!

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