post no. 257 -- edna goes shopping

yesterday, buzz was supposed to have the day off, but of course, got scheduled in for a class to learn that much more useful information about his job and the system he works on. long story short, instead of him being off at ten in the morning he was off closer to three in the afternoon. which, in the scheme of things, isn't all that bad. so to cheer him, in addition to styling my hair like edna mode,  i putted out to pearl harbor and met him at the commissary to get a little grocery shopping accomplished. 

yesterday, i talked about being an adult, and the pressures that go along with it. some days something as simple as grocery shopping seems like such a stresser, because every now and then, instead of having a money tree that you can pick freely from whenever your wallet drops below $1000, you have $10. for the rest of the month. ok, well maybe not that bad, but still, it's tight. so on months like these, we bargain shop at the grocery store. who knew how fun it could be!! well kris knew, and he decided to let me in on his secrets halfway through the produce section. he told me stories about how when he was in college all he ate was ramen and frozen foods. well folks, i'm not a sole ramen sorta gal, but frozen foods, mixed with some veggies, and some pasta here and there. you can't complain about that. we made it out of the grocery store with no joke $70.16 worth of groceries, that will most likely last us through next paycheck and then some. no coupon clipping, no shopping at special stores, just taking a few more minutes in each aisle to look through all the prices and do a little price comparisons. 

needless to say, i recommend it. i'm probably way behind the times, but still, in case you're in my boat, do it. look at me and my peer pressure. but hey, peer pressured savings is a great thing. after all, my lunch today is a humungo fifty cent burrito. 

hope you're all having a super savings tuesday! {i kind of wish i was posting this on a sunday...}
xo ashy

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