post no. 258 -- thursday's snapshot

today has been speeding right along so far, that's a good thing right? work is the usual, trying to maintain a positive outlook and daydream about all the fun things we'll splurge on once we get this whole paycheck recession/bill increase-summer/fall out of the way. it was nice because this morning i was able to tune into a marketing webinar from home and get paid for it. can't complain about that! buzz is still on his funky school schedule with work so that means i get to drive him to the car every morning from our building since he doesn't have to be there until a couple hours later than normal. it's nice seeing him in the mornings. i almost forgot what it was like to wake up next to him for awhile there. the joys of military life!

last night i whipped up (and by whipped up i mean unpeeled the plastic wrap and stuck in the oven) some lasagna and garlic bread. and boy was it delish. the frozen food diet, no matter how bad it is for us, makes prepping dinner so easy! well a couple more hours here at work and still so much to do. we have a big wedding tomorrow i'm prepping for so crunch time has begun! so for now, it's back to work, and then off to my second job of maid and nanny to slobberpotamusrex a.k.a. jack.

hope you all are having a fantastic thursday! 


  1. forever21 believe it or not! :)

  2. i love love love the hair! it looks rad and i am jealous! how did mine go purple!?

  3. i think it heard us talking about the kardashians and was like "armenian!! done." hahaha


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