post no. 266 -- fine dining

so lately, in addition to cake, i've been craving some dinner parties. with fall right around the corner now, and a strong of fall holidays following suit, can you really expect not to crave some festively fun parties?

ahhh, wasn't that refreshing? here's the problem: we don't have a dining table, and with thanksgiving fast approaching, i have decided that a dining set should indeed be expedited to the top of our to buy list. that's when problem #2 emerged, i'm picky. and in addition to being picky, i know exactly what i want. 42 inches square, counter height, dark brown to the point of black finish, and x-backed chairs, seems simple enough. right? wrong! finding my wish list set with shipping to hawaii, is a whole other story. 

i have found a couple options that could be considered in the long run, but i'm still waiting for that set that makes me gasp and fall out of my chair. maybe, just maybe, i can find it before october {when i would like to have fall kick off party #1}, until then we hunt, and pray


  1. they have tables similar to those at kmart for affordable prices. :) i LOVE all of your pictures! now i want to host a dinner party!

  2. so i went online to kmart and found my dream table, thanks for the suggestion!! :)


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