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thank God it's friday. business trips are over, and buzz comes home tonight! oh and our house might jsut get put back together this afternoon.

lately with all the craziness that has been going on around us, i have been having a hard time finding some peace at home {and a lot of other places for that matter}. i have pretty much been through the ringer trying out every furniture layout in our {from what i'm finding, tiny} apartment. so far nothing is working. it's mainly not working, because in my head, i have a limitless budget and a professional designer just a call away. but in real life, we have bills and insurance deductibles and a weakness for jamba juice.

but i do have a head full of ideas, and pinterest, and the following inspirations:

some of the pictures can't really handle being stretched out to 610px wide, but all are available on my pinterest board: adult home.

lately i've been feeling a more neutral and white color palette. having our windows be such a huge part of our apartment, i don't want the place to start feeling too dark. light and airy my friends, light and airy. in a perfect world, i could get away with a white fluffy bed ensemble. but, in a perfect world, jack is also 30 lbs. lighter, 6 inches shorter, and rinses her paws with purell every time she crosses the threshold. 

in the meantime, i'll figure out some way of making the space our own. step 1) cutting out the clutter of paperwork. step 2) merry maids! 

hope you all are having a great friday!!

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