well hello

i noticed with a quite a few more readers flipping through the blog i would say hello, and give you a bit more info about myself, and the blog.

here are some tidbits you might find useful as you peruse the blog:

+ my name is ashley, and i blog about life, style, and anything else that
   floats my boat.

+ speaking of boat, i'm married to a sailor.
   his name is kris, but i call him buzz.
   i love him lots.

+ we live in a penthouse on the 29th floor.
   in hawaii.

+ before that we lived in the suburbs.
   and before that we lived in california.

+ we have a boxer named jack, that plays with us, but is a baby at the
   bark park.
   i love her lots too.

+ i used to have dreads.
   then i shaved them off

+ i have some tattoos.
   i want a lot more
   like a lot.

+ i'm trying to figure out what to do with life
   other than have babies, and blog until i get carpel tunnel. 

it's a long process, but sooner or later, we'll get there. 


  1. i love your blog! came over from 'tart'.


  2. awesome!! glad you're enjoying!! :)

  3. You are hysterical and I can't wait to click through all those links. I love this!

  4. haha! I love this 'about me' of yours! ♥ Just wanted to say hello! ;)

  5. love this list! your blog is adorable. love your designs!


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