post no. 271 -- not all those who wander are lost + outfit post v. 6

i wanted to take a quick little timeout this morning and talk about something that has been weighing in on my plate for quite some time now. i'm 20 years old, and half the time i barely feel my age. at the same time i feel this sense of responsibility and needing to play the part of someone in their late twenties to early thirties. i graduated high school in spring/summer of 2009, since then i have gotten married, moved over 2500 miles away from home, and been on my own for the better part of a year. i have also been pressured into having children, completing my college education, and a lot more. when i graduated high school, i had a plan, i was going to be an architect like my dad. i was going to stay in california, finish up school, and maybe even move in with kris. marriage was a far distant thought, and while i was like almost every girl dreaming of her wedding day, i never expected it to come so soon. i don't believe in regrets, and i have never believed in mistakes. my mom always told us growing up that something is never a mistake if you can learn something from it, instead it becomes an experience. 

so my life is full of experiences. some good, some bad, but all lessons. i have gone back and forth on what i really want out of my life. i have had friends come, and go, and some good ones stick around. i have had heated debates, meltdowns, and rocky theme song moments {sometimes all within a 24 hour period}. i feel i have come very far these last two years. and i don't feel i am lost. sometimes i might not do things according to "the plan" or "the norm" but i learn nonetheless. i feel that since graduating high school and taking a break from school {which won't last too much longer} i have been able to learn so much more about myself that i otherwise would have just pushed aside without too much thought. 

i have learned that i love being leader. that i love talking even more. that i don't necessarily need a prescription to handle my ramblings. and that if i breathe instead of lashing out, i think a little clearer. i have learned that i have always loved storytelling. and that there are many ways to reach the finish line. but the most important of these is, ultimately you are the most important factor in your future. 

on a lighter note, here's what i'm wearing today:

jumper: rhapsody - ross dress for less
sandals: bamboo - santee alley (in los angeles)


  1. I also took a different path out of HS. I didn't go to college right away, although I'm in the trenches now, and I like it that way. I had a few years to travel and figure out what I wanted to do. You have already made some changes that a lot of people may never experience.

    Your dress from the last post, I love it! I'm so angry we don't have a Ross in Massachusetts. TJ Maxx and Marshalls don't compare. :(

  2. girl, let me tell you! i miss me some tj maxx LOL but ross does have some killer deals. what's nice is how many there are out here... and in california, where i'm originally from, ALL of the clothes at ross get thrown on the floor and picked through, it's annoying. but here everything (esp. in hawaii kai) is pristine, it's nice. and i love that it's only $2 more than goodwill (if that) for BRAND SPANKIN' NEW stuff :)

    too much rambling?? LOL

  3. you look so cute! i tried to wear a romper once, and let me tell you, it was NOT pretty!


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