post no. 267 -- a lofty view

so i've been doing a lot of thinking lately. about the blog, life, education, future, fun. you know, all that jazz. i've been thinking about what i like to do, and what i love to do, and some of the things i don't really care for all that much... like artichokes. a couple weeks ago a friend of mine suggested i offer blog layouts. like templates, full design, the works. offer them out there for the world. at first the idea seemed nice, but that's it, it was just nice. it was like when you're twelve and you think how great it would be a doctor. little do you know all the classes, hours of interning, etc. that goes into becoming a fancy shmancy md. but since then, the ideas been kind of stuck in my head. like "hey, i could actually do that". so this morning i sat down and did a little name brainstorming, for both the blog and the shop i was thinking about opening, and came up with a lofty view.

after an hour and a half of tweaking and playing around i came up with the first of many templates and designs i plan on creating. this is all still in the beginning stages, nothing concrete yet, but i think it will be good. it will give me a bit of a creative outlet, and also, some money to put back into advertising and the blog. i'm still debating if i would like the 29th floor to turn into a lofty view, or how exactly i would like to tie everything together, but that's the fun part about brainstorming, eventually you'll get soaked with ideas! 

to take a closer look at the layout {keep in mind not everything works} visit:

hope you like!

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