post no. 259 -- waiting for buzz

a year ago buzz hurt his foot coming down the stairs at the hotel. a lesson on why you shouldn't text and walk at the same time. that aside, ever since then his foot acts up from time to time and recently he prefers being cheauffered from our parking spot (literally a mile away) to our building. 

today i got there a bit early and well... let's just say i can entertain myself well when bored. 
first i waited. then i stared at my vespa. and stared and stared, and pushed some buttons. 

and wondered what it would be like to live on the top floor of this building. 

and kicked my feet back and forth. 

while taking pictures... of myself. 

and wondered why exactly things were closer in mirrors. 

and stared at the cracking concrete. 

and wondered why there was still a paperclip on the floor after two months. 

then made the executive decision to throw the paperclip in the bushes. 

and then buzz arrived! and little baby angels sang songs. and i skipped to the jeep to greet him.

and take blurry pictures in the window. 

but buzz had a grump sorta day so i didn't think he heard the baby angels. 

but drew a pretty heart in his hat. 

and rushed to the vespa to hurry home. 

and the photo shoot continued. 

and then we went home. 
and we're here now. 
watching because i said so

1 comment:

  1. I broke my foot going down stairs once... So he is not alone, believe it or not. Haha.


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