post no. 262 -- who needs ikea

{ you can kind of see the before in this picture }

we received this little end table as a hand-me-down from buzz's parents right before we hopped the sea over to hawaii. i wasn't really a fan of the original color, but had no clue what direction to go with it, so for months it stayed put. yesterday afternoon though while browsing ikea admiring all the things that could not be shipped here from the mainland, i came across the edland series of dressers and things. that's when i decided to take the plunge and do our first furniture diy in the new apartment. 

{ this was the inspiration }

i think overall it came out nice. it might need a little touch up and i would ultimately like to put a clear varnish over to protect the paint from scratches and bumps, but for now this will do.

have you been up to any diy projects lately? i'd love to see! feel free to drop a comment below and share your link with me!

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