post no. 277 -- hindsight's 20/20.

this morning i woke up intent to be happy. to try and look at the world with a positive light. but i can't. so bear with me. 

friday night kris got robbed. when i signed us up for our insurance i went through the online option vs. a walking talking person on the phone, and thus was not able to bundle renter's with auto. low and behold, kris gets robbed. first thing that pops into my head is go buy renter's insurance!! did i? no. why? because after about 7 hours on the phone with banks and credit companies saturday, we were all but enthused to make one more call. so i didn't, i thought to myself, i'll call back monday. 

well folks, that was stupid. why? because my chanel bag was in the car behind the shattered glass. and guess what. that chanel bag grew some little legs and hitched a ride with some sticky fingers. now, having spent about 5 hours altogether on the phone with the insurance company, i am realizing the suckiness that is insurance companies. and in case you weren't aware, they're really sucky. $500 deductible and $250 max coverage for personal property. we get robbed, we're the victim, and who ends up coughing up that much more cash. yeah. 

hindsight really is 20/20, too bad i'm blind. 

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