post no. 273 -- oh husband.

that is my husband. the one in the red. the one with the ridiculous smile on his face. the one that also gets drugged, robbed, and winds up sleeping on the beach in front of the police station in waikiki. 

yep, that was friday night in review. we've spent the last 24 hours on the phone with banks, credit bureaus, and filling out police reports. i wouldn't be so upset if it was just him that was robbed, but he had my {only} vespa key and {only} military id card and {only} elevator fob to get in and out of our building. oh ya plus mail keys. let's just say it's been a fun weekend. 


  1. oh dear! That sounds terrible - and much like something straight out of The Hangover. It looks like he had fun at least... Hope you get everything sorted out!

  2. it does doesn't it... i told him i'd have been much more satisfied with having to take care of all the nonsense if he had come home with a mike tyson tattoo... LOL


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