post no. 276 -- is this as good as it gets?

seriously? seriously?!? is this my life right now? remember when kris got robbed, well guess what gang, yesterday my window got smashed in, and yet again, my stuff was stolen. this is literally the sixth time something along these lines has happened to us. it's getting old, really old. i feel like life right now, just sucks. kris and i spent all day today running around getting things taken care of for the insurance claim, only to realize that not just my purse and wallet were stolen, but another bag full of goodies that were in the back seat are gone too. i feel so exhausted. like why bother. why bother trying to have nice things? why bother trying to be a good, nice, honest person? seriously. because this is what happens to good, nice, honest people. they get robbed. twice. in 72 hours. 

great job hawaii. you're really turning into an awesome decision. and in case you were wondering... that was sarcasm. 


  1. This makes me sad for you. It has to get better. Cheer up buttercup :)

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