post no. 278 -- find your fortune

ok, i think i might have snapped out of it. i'm sorry all of you had to see that. even though i try to keep things positive, i think it would be a little unnatural to not have a breakdown every now and then, and well... that was mine.

it is hard to see the good in people, in events, and life in general. but at the end of the day, you have to. because finding the good in life, will get you through to your tomorrows. so that's what i'm doing, because with buzz gone again {on hopefully the last business trip for awhile} i need all of the positive thoughts i can wrap my head around.

i needed this today. 1) because it made me feel way better about chowing down on my chow mein, and 2) because this fortune could not be more relevant to my life right now. i don't think anything is ever put before us that we are not able to handle. it might be tough. you might cry. and you might really want to give up, but you will be able to get through it. when i saw our car window smashed in, i wanted to just start bawling. but i didn't. i came very close, but i held it together and switched into 'get er' done' mode. since friday i have been stressed, and this fortune came huge positive reassurance to keep pushing through. that it will get better. and that we will come out better because of this experience. 

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