post no. 275 -- meet the parents, and then some

hey gang! well hasn't this weekend just been a blur. between kris' "adventure", kai's birthday, and yesterday's date day with kris {more to follow}, i'm ready to slip into hibernate mode for the next week or two. unfortunately there's no rest for the wicked, so that means pushing on.

i wanted to take some time on the blog and talk about something near and dear to my heart: family!  

this is mine! the first photo was taken by yours truly right before i hopped on a jet plane to hawaii. the rest were shot over this last 4th of july back in my hometown. the hottie with dark hair is my sister kristina with her husband howie and their two year old twins gavin and riley {adorable, i vote yes!}. not pictured is the birthday boy landen, who just turned 8!! i feel old...

i miss them all a bundle, and love them more.. and hopefully, just maybe, we will get to get back home soon to visit {kris and i are going nuts without a vacation} but in the meantime, pictures and facetime chats will just have to do.

do you have a family? of course you do! 
so show them off, because nosey people like me love to browse lots of pictures!!


  1. Oh man! I can't see any of your pictures:(

  2. better?? i just learned the hard way that you can't organize photos in photobucket without it messing everything up!! :/


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