post no. 294 -- navy ball

good morning everyone! well, for some of you it might already be the afternoon. last night we headed down to k-mart and picked up our new dining set, that is now half assembled in our loft. shout out to lori for the recommendation! hopefully this afternoon i can get it put together and snap some pictures to share tomorrow... kitchen tour anyone? 

i've been looking forward to the navy ball here in hawaii, seeing as it's coming up in october. for those of you that have no clue what i'm talking about when i say navy ball, think prom plus the military. and with the navy ball brings dress shopping. i found this awesome website called prom-dress-gown, bear with me here gang, that offers dresses for a fraction of the price by copying dress designs and making them overseas. i have my dress nailed down style wise, but now i'm just trying to figure out the color.

it comes in a default color of light pink but they can make it for you in just about every color of the rainbow, so here my friends, begins the hard work of deciding. i love the pink color, but unfortunately with my skin undertones, the dress and i would become one. i'm trying to stay away from the typical colors of the navy ball, black, blue, and red, and instead branch out with something classic, yet at the same time not so plain jane. 


well now that you all have been as inundated with color as i have, any thoughts? 


  1. GORGEOUS! I think the coral would be stunning on you.

  2. Ohhhh, such a fun decision and all of those colors are beautiful, as is the dress!

    I would be partial to either the Plum or Gold.

  3. I think the lime would look really pretty on you. Or the plum. Lovely choice by the way.

  4. I think a yellowish color would look fantastic on you!

  5. so i think we've narrowed it down to coral, yellow, plum, or green... lots to think about!


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