post no. 307 -- outfit post v. 7

top: h&m
belt: my best friend martha's
jeans: forever21
flippy floppys: old navy

this weekend while kris was off at work i headed up to our roof to get my tan on, only to realize a few hours later that my back was as red as a lobster. at first, it didn't hurt. no sir not one bit. kris applied lotion to my ruby red regions and we called it a night. i figured that was the worst of it. oh no, not even close.

last night around two in the morning i rolled over and scraped my back so hard on the bed i felt that it might just start bleeding. i cried, and woke kris up, and cried some more. and then after a few minutes of stumbling around our apartment in the dark he dabbled ice cold lotion all over the flames. and this, and other wee-morning acts of kindness, is why i love my husband.

when i cry, and have meltdowns, and burn my back, and  do other things that are down right dumb, he's there with lotion, or candy {more often than not candy}. he'll walk with me after work to panda express to feed my chow mein addiction {because i get very cranky if i go to long in between fortune cookies}, and he'll listen to me ramble about the pro's and con's to all the little schemes i come up with for the two of us. to the outside eye, he's not paying attention half the time, but i know that's only when i try to talk over football. never try to talk over football. 

i guess what i'm getting at here, is that i love him. to the moon and stars and venus and mars, i'm thankful for the ability to share the times we've had and the times to come with him by my side. 


  1. Super cute! Love the belt with the shirt!

  2. thanks ladies!! i love that when i asked my husband for fashion advice it was "does this belt look weird at my natural waist? should i wear it higher??" and his response was "no not at all... well ya... that's weird, try higher."

    men... gotta love em!


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