post no. 309 -- outfit post v. 8: stale yellow alfalfa sprouts


dress: ross dress for less
flippy floppys: old navy

today's outfit isn't anything special, a dress i washed the color out of on accident, but i am absolutely in love with this little path i stumbled upon. i decided to stray off the road a bit on my walk from the bus stop to work and i am very glad i did. i was able to stop off for ten minutes or so to capture the morning light near the channel. plus the rocks make for an excellent natural tripod. oh and p.s. don't tease my alfalfa sprouts either, my hair has been doing it's own thing lately, and no amount of hair product can keep it's will at bay. 

what are you up to this wednesday?


  1. I LOVE your dress! Ross is always hit or miss for me. Where is this anyway? It almost looks like Hawaii Kai..

  2. Ross is a total hit or miss... Clearance section though, I always seem to find something I like :) and yep it's Hawaii Kai I work right down the street from Laiser HS :)

  3. I was going to say it looked like you were in Hawaii kai! My hometown :) so nice to see pictures. looks beautiful. like your dress too. look forward to more awesome pics.

  4. The bone-colored knee-high dress looks fantastic, and perfect for any seasons.
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  5. You look cool in that outfit and I love the simplicity of the dress.


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