post no. 301 -- it's the little things v. 1

it' the little things in life that help us to push along. so today, i'm linking up with lindsay over at aisle to aloha to help celebrate life's little blessings throughout the week. some of this week's tidbits are:

milano cookies after a long day.

not so new books.

quiet bus rides.

fresh avocados from waimanalo.

and as always the morning light through the clouds.

for more little things, stop on by lindsay's blog to see who else has linked up:

Aisle to Aloha


  1. Oh my goodness. Those cookies look great! I love chocolate mint <3

  2. Mint Milanos are the! One of mine and my Hubs' favorite cookies, ever!

    And you are a girl after my own heart with those big ol' avos. Avocados are so good. SO.GOOD. :)

    I have never read Wicked, but I've heard good things about it. I might just have to check that out!

  3. @angie -- it's seriously one of the most entertaining books i have read in awhile :) definitely recommend!

  4. Ok I keep starting wicked but can't get through the first ten pages. I WILL get throuh it! I hear so many good reviews..

  5. I love quiet bus ride as well, specially when I have a great book to read or my favorite tunes from my ipod :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing your "little things" ;-) Happy Weekend!

  7. Hopping over from Lindsay's link-up (and can be found back over at Seek Ye First)! I have to admit, my favorite cookies are the raspberry milano. Mint is my third, after orange. They truly are a favorite whenever I treat myself to them :D What a great list and I can't wait to see more little things from you :D

  8. i'd like to read Wicked as a book! i love brand new books but there's nothing like a worn out book :)

  9. Mmmm cookies look delish! Food is always one of my lil things also! ;)


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