post no. 323 -- a weekend thanks to instagram

how sad does jack look?? 
poor thing was sick all day saturday. 
not anymore though!
excuse me while i go retrieve my socks from her mouth


  1. Poor thing does look sick. Is he/she a boy or a girl? Now I'm confused :P I'm sorry if she's a girl and I called her a boy. Emma get's called a boy all the time.

    and I love that flash!

  2. what a cute pup :)

  3. You and your husband make me smile. Especially the fishy face picture :) Glad Jack is feeling better!

  4. Jack is a girl :) Short for Jacklyn, or Jaclyn, or Jackie Lynn... I really could go on forever so I'll just stop now! She get's called a boy all the time even though she has no ding a ling... and I adorn her in pink 24/7, esta vida. You're not the first to make the mistake ;)


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