post no. 318 -- duty nights

buzz is finally through with cranking and that means back to his duty rotation we go. 

duty means every few nights {like tonight} are spent alone with bugsy, deciding what last minute concoction we should throw together for supper that night, then climbing into bed to have her try to push me off {because apparently even with one less member of the family in bed, she still doesn't have enough room...} living a charmed life aren't we? 

i secretly kind of like it sometimes. not all the time. but here and there, now and then, i enjoy coming home and cleaning, and getting chores done, lighting incense and listening to buddhattitude shuffle along on pandora. i like sorting through our pantry, finishing the laundry my other half started, and putting together my thoughts from the day. i love the way our apartment never feels too big, or too small. but always just perfect for the three of us. i like the calm. the quiet atmosphere at night all the way up on our floor. the way the stillness is interrupted by sirens, reminding me that life is still happening all around us, but that up here we're sheltered from it. it's calming in a way. 

today was a long day, and if you've seen my twitter feed from this afternoon/evening you can see i've been mulling over quite a few thoughts. i need to take a step back from what it is i'm doing and figure out what i want. now, tomorrow, and in general.

i guess this is a good night for that. 


  1. My husband left a ship back in July (a month after deployment ended so he had no duty since getting back in June). He is stationed at a hospital now and doesn't have duty. I'm not going to lie: I *LOVE* my Hubs, but there are some days I wish he had to stay over night. There is something about a night here or there to yourself that I enjoyed, just like you. When I stop to think about, it most definitely wasn't every duty night, but there were those few where it was nice to watch girly tv shows without complaint, eat zuchinni and squash without groans of disgust, and sprawl across the bed without being kneed in the gut.

    I hope being left alone with your thoughts provided a good space for reflection and sorting through all that's on your mind!

  2. My other half is getting ready for a long-weekend trip with a friend of his, and as much as I'm going to miss him - I'm really looking forward to the alone time! It feels nice to say that. We're very much a 24/7 kind of couple, but those off-hours or off-days are just precious. I have a few of my own thoughts to mull over (and hella knitting to finish!) so it'll be perfect...

    Thanks for getting me to admit this out-loud!

  3. It's nice every now and then :) Now deployments are a completely different story... I don't think I would wish those on my worst enemy...


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