post no. 305 -- outfit post v. 6

top: forever 21
belt: ross dress for less
skirt: old navy

today is monday {just in case you've been trapped in an ice cocoon for the last decade or two}, and that means back to work. my hair is just finally long enough to pull together and form a pony tail and boy am i maximizing it. it's funny how you don't really think about the joys associated with pulling your hair back until you go without it. 

kris is off today heading to tripler, the army hospital, to get his ankle looked at for what feels like the millionth time. back in december {of 2009!} he tripped on his way down the stairs at his family's hotel. i was there, he was texting. a lesson on why you should never text and walk at the same time. long story short, he has been dealing with a good amount of pain for quite some time and is now seeing a physical therapist, who pops his bone back in to place just about every week. 

hopefully he will come home this afternoon with more than just a giant rubber band to do his little stretchy exercises with. hopefully. because i want to go bike riding together soon!

hoping the start to your week is going fabulously!


  1. Oh I love this outfit. Also loving your hair :)

  2. Ah I love that skirt! Gorgeous. Boo, I hope his ankle starts to get some relief. That all around sucks that something so silly could be causing problems for this long! :(


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