post no. 302 -- to market, to market

yesterday on our walk home from work together, kris and i stumbled across a farmer's market set up just down the street from our house. reason #473 i love living in the city. we stopped to admire the colors of the freshly ripened fruit and the sweet aromas of the baked goodies. buzz convinced me to split a fried banana with him in between snapshots, and i must admit i was pretty impressed. the one thing i wished i saw, churros. being a socal native, i love me some churros. 

we spent the rest of the evening eating frozen pizza and watching the black and white version of les miserables. 1952 edition {i'm coming to find there are a lot of remakes out there...}. should be a pretty slow weekend for floor 29. 

how is you weekend going? do you have any special plans or will you be loafing around like us?


  1. Is that a coconut filled donut?!? Looks amazing!! I wish we had nice markets like this in my area. Ours are mostly indoor and in grimey looking buildings. :( I, personally, am excited for the return of football Sundays. So I'm hanging home with my mama on this dreary East Coast day. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. they're a mix of donuts and malasadas :) they're delish!! i'm jealous! i feel the need for boys to hang around in order for me to sit down and focus on a football game :P glad you're enjoying your weekend!!

  3. mmmm! i love malasadas! they are one of my favorites!


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