post no. 310 -- thursday snapshots and a little bit of wednesday too


aloha everyone!! today is catch up day seeing as we're swamped here at work, so i wanted to get in a few pictures and a short blog post before i go into exile for awhile. i am so glad it's thursday, by the way! this weekend should be filled with adventures, because i want to get out and do some exploring!! {ka'a'awa anyone?}


last night kris came home with more than just stories from his day at work, but a hair cut too! doesn't he look handsome! he is finishing up his late work schedule this week which means that tonight might just be his last day of staying on the ship for fourteen hours straight {other than underways and deployment obviously}. and that's a good thing!   

{can you guess who's piece is who's..?}

we stayed up till eleven playing monopoly, which i have never played all the way through before...  but this girl is a pro! mr. capitalist husband ain't got nothing on my mad skills... for awhile i felt bad about beating him, but then when he said he wanted to crush me and my suburban mecca on oriental ave. it was on. 

well gang, it's back to work i go! are you showing up for the link up tomorrow, for it's the little things on aisle to aloha? if not, it's never too late to start documenting little pieces of your week!


  1. Your hair looks freaking adorable!!!!!!!

  2. Just long enough to hold those clippys you send me :D Stay tuned for Saturday morning ;)

  3. Hubby and I never have game night and I think we definitely should! We took our turn trying to learn chess, but he wasn't as good as he wanted to be so he quit. Maybe we will get Monopoly and have weekend marathons to finish a whole game!

  4. Okay my hubby loves all board games. I can't stand them! Totally in love with your hair btw...

  5. What's funny is that my word verification for my last comment was 'chess!'


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