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today i wanted to take some time to run a post that i have had on the books for quite some time now. i've talked about tiffany, from that girl in tattoos and that girl crochet, a couple times here and there, but have never really gone into too much depth as to her awesomeness

i use the word awesomeness to describe tiffany for two reasons: 1) it's the most accurate description i can think of for this lovely lady with such a huge heart, and 2) because it was what she left me in her first comment on the blog way back in february. don't believe me? go look!

i really don't even know where to begin, because at first it didn't seem like much. a blog comment, a reply. another comment and back and forth we went. i loved her designs and her passion for what she was doing with a needle and yarn, but where was i going to find the need for a scarf in 86 degree weather? somewhere along the way we became facebook friends, and started talking outside of our comments. facebook chat became a regular occurrence. and when i threw out the idea for headbands, before you know it i had samples showing up at my door. i would place an order, and she'd throw in an extra for free, because she's just awesome like that. and keep in mind folks, last time i used the word awesome i was sidelines at a football game with an extra day added to the weekend. so don't take this word lightly.

tiffany has so much talent, and it really inspires me to see someone take that talent and run with it. since i met her, she has grown so much, in her career, family, the works. she has gone from scarves to headbands, to wholesale orders with retail shops! {i sort of live vicariously though her and stalk her facebook. hence how i know all of this..} but you get the point. i wanted to take some time today, in between the outfit posts, and all of the narcissism that blogging can sometimes turn into, and talk about a woman who has accomplished so much and {whether or not she may realize} inspired so many. so here's to you tiff!

check out her etsy shop and receive 20% off through september 30th, using the code FALL20!! and if you want to go one step further you can stalk her blog like i do!

hope you are all having a fantastic weekend so far!

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