post no. 322 -- diy letters

a while back i came across these adorable letters at anthropologie. i loved the idea of hanging them over our bed, but after finding their price tag of $18 a piece, i decided i could live without them. i wanted them though. so instead of trying to convince buzz i needed a $54 set of k&a monograms for above our bed, i decided what better way to prove my craftiness than to make them myself, or at least something similar.

here's what you'll need before we begin this little diy project:

cardboard {a good size box will do for three letters}
a printout of the letters you're planning to make in the size you would like them
and a handy assistant

begin by cutting out your letters from the printouts and tracing them onto the cardboard. i don't have the patience or cutting skills to make the holes in the middle of the letters so i skipped those.

once you have your letters traced out onto the cardboard, cut cut cut!

once you have your letters cut out, take some time to relax and admire your creations {so far}.

anyways your assistant will probably be pretty exhausted at all of their hard work on your project and will want a chewy treat and a extensive walk. this is also a good time, assistant or not, to clean up all of the paper and cardboard clippings laying around your work space. cleanliness is key!

once you and your assistant are done with your break cut the remaining cardboard into 1-2" thick strips and measure around the letters, cutting to the appropriate lengths for each side.

once you have all of your pieces cut and set aside you can begin affixing them to your letters. be sure to use plenty of tape to make sure everything is nice and sturdy. finish up with all of the letters and you're almost done!

once everything is assembled to you're liking, it's time to hang these puppies. grab some thumb tacks pop them into the wall {make sure they're level} and hang you letters where you'd like.


now take a step back and admire your handiwork. or take a nap, like buzz. {i like the look of the plain cardboard, but you can cover with decorative paper, spray paint them, the list goes on and on}

i hope you enjoyed this quick little diy. it was pretty short and simple, but i enjoyed making them, so i figured why not share! 

do you have any crafts or diy projects you're cooking up or have cooked up lately?? i'd love to take a peek! drop me a line in the comment section and i'll check them out!

happy weekend everyone!

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