post no. 325 -- things that make duty nights slightly less than grand

  1. sharing teetering on the edge of your bed with a furry thing that sounds more like a pig than a puppy
  2. dinner for one
  3. your piglet of a puppy magically forgetting her year and a half of potty training seminars, conferences, and internship opportunities to decide that now is the perfect time to grace the apartment with her presents
  4. tums that don't fix the tummy and yoga poses that don't even attempt to dull the nagging uncomfy feeling in your lower back
  5. netflix deciding not to play sound on the shows you've been wanting to watch for forever
  6. crawling into bed at 8:30, still being awake an hour later, and then buckling down and really trying to focus on sleep around 10:00 {p.s. how in the world does one focus on sleep?!?}
     oh yeah, and #7. car alarms at four in the morning that go on for. ev. er.

was there anything i missed?

somehow, i'm functioning right now. thank god buzz will be home early today and i will be off early, and i can take the longest nap of my life. and squash the laundry rebellion once and for all. mwa. ha. ha. 

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