post no. 314 -- date night and a festival with aloha

tonight we walked along kalakaua, 
and enjoyed the aloha festival. 
we ate japanese food with chopsticks. 
ahi poke, edamame, 
miso soup, black cod, 
unagi with rice,
and tempura ice cream for dessert. 
we were also the only non-japanese diners in the restaurant,
and the only ones taking pictures like tourists. 

i love date nights. 


  1. awesome! looks like a lot of fun. i love festivals like this, but parking in (or even near) waikiki is horrendous :(

  2. gorgeous dinner! i love both unagi and edameme. sounds like i may need to do a sushi run for lunch. mmm. your date nights are so cute!!

  3. I wonder if everyone was talking about those crazy American tourists with their camera! That festival looks so pretty! Oh, and the food- I have never had Japanese food (I know!), but it looks really delicious!

  4. @Elizabeth Probably!! They kept staring every time I threw up the peace hands with a huge grin on my face... Japanese food is mega delish!

    Before Kris I had never even tried Sushi... he's slowly pulling me out of my cave of vanilla-ness.


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