post no. 316 -- say hello to ashley, the kinda sorta photographer

this morning was a late start at work so i decided to take a trip into honolulu to pick up a new camera. best idea ever. i have been wanting a dslr to call my own for quite some time {as some of my early followers know from my ramblings here and there} and i decided yesterday afternoon that this was the time to seize the  opportunity and do it. 

i am so glad kris gave me the ok {love you buzz!}. we've been snapping pictures like crazy {i have to give buzz the credit for the red bull photo} everywhere from our house, to my office, to walmart, to visiting with my friend amy and her baby miss zoey before picking up kris from work this evening. 

i'm still learning. and have much. much much much, to learn. but i'm getting there, so bear with me.

in the meantime, how has your week been going?? anything new and fun to report? 


  1. love the pics.. i so want a dslr camera.. but *sigh* life and finances havent gotten to that point yet.. can't wait to see the awesome pics you will be taking!

  2. I haven't made the dslr plunge yet, but now I'm thinking I might have to. Great photos!

  3. I have a DSLR but I rarely use it anymore :(

    I bought a Nikon but after years of owning it, I think I like the way Canon images look so I'm pissed anytime I take a picture, lol.

    But enjoy!

    I so want to kiss your dogs nose.

  4. I put it off FOREVER.. seriously, but I made a bribe with Kris and won and here we are :) I'm so glad I did!! And @Heather -- 1) Her nose is veryy slobberyyyy... and 2) I was taking pictures in the store and the Nikon and Canon were the two I was looking at, the Canon was just less $ LOL I think if you take manual shots instead of auto IMO they turn out way better than auto :)

  5. Did you get the Canon? I use it in manual but I don't know, the images from a Canon look creamier, if that makes sense.

    I don't want to blow thousands switching over so I'll probably stick with Nikon. My apartment isn't the great with natural light either, unlike your slice of heaven way up in the sky :P

  6. oh those pictures are just GORGEOUS! that baby is so adorable.. you are such a talented photographer!

  7. YAY! You are a rockstar with that camera! I love the picture in the card shop! Well, who am I kidding, I love them all! I can't wait to see more of the pictures you'll be taking now!!


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