post no. 312 -- 18 month letter to buzz

dear buzz, 

can you believe this picture is 18 months old today? so much and so little has changed. we were so young! so naive. through our struggles and quarrels, i have learned so much. i have learned what it is to be patient and compassionate. to be nurturing, and help you around the house after surgery. i'm learning to cook. slowly. and how you like your undershirts folded in the drawer. i love that although ridiculous at times, we can be completely raw with each other. that we talk about life and goals and hopes and dreams, and that even though it seems like you're the one with adhd sometimes, you're patient with mine. thank you for 18 months of cuddling on the couch and movie marathons, and big shoulders to cry on once a month. i love you more than words, typed, handwritten, or spoken, can even begin to describe. i am so thankful for each and every day i am able to spend with you, as your wife. 

happy anniversary + 1/2



  1. Long hair!! What a beautiful couple. And happy year and a half anniversary :)

  2. LOL Dreaded hair!! One day I'll be back to that length... and able to run my fingers through my hair :P

    Thanks Lori!!

  3. this is absolutely beautiful. so honest. so full of love. thank you for sharing. ;)


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