post no. 306 -- the ala wai

this afternoon i grabbed my phone after a afternoon lunch date with kris to find that i had six {no joke, six} missed calls. the first five were blocked and the last was from the parking lot manager at our spot saying our alarm was going off and the police had been called in order to investigate if there was any theft involved. 

we headed down immediately to check it out, seeing as with our luck we know just about half the police force now. nothing was taken, seeing as we take everything out of the car now, but apparently the alarm went off due to someone trying to pull up the lock manually. we took jack with, because i was convinced she might learn some police detective skills while on the scene and be able to ride the bus with me as a service dog. a boxer police dog, you know it'd be awesome. {plus she'd be great at apprehending criminals given her natural boxing abilities}. kris is laughing as i read out loud what i'm typing...

on our way back we took the scenic route along the ala wai, a canal separating waikiki from moiliili. boy am i glad we did. i was able to get some cool shots of the street art {aka graffiti tags} and random bits and pieces of life in our part of town. i really do love living in the city. it seems that with every day there is a new change and a new avenue to explore. 


  1. i just found you blog and i love it! looking forward to following along...

  2. ohhh i'm so glad!! :) well aloha and welcome!


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