post no. 42 -- Want List

To Buy List for this Spring
  1. Canon Rebel XSi DSLR Camera {Birthday Present}
  2. Burberry Scarf
  3. OPI Russian Blue Nail polish
  4. Canvas Tote Bag
  5. Bright Sunglasses
  6. Marc by Marc Aidan Satchel
  7. Cute Backpack for the Vespa
  8. Bow Tie Necklace
  9. New Leopard Flats { My old pair are dying :,( }
  10. Nook Color Case -- Kate Spade
  11. iPhone 4 for VERIZON!!
  12. Moccasins
  13. Diamond Eternity Band
  14. Rompers and Dresses
  15. More Cardigan Sweaters

What's on your "To Buy" List??


  1. These things are all beautiful!

    My "to buy" list is kind of dwindling right now as most of my money is going towards our wedding. But give me 3 1/2 months and I'm sure I'll have a novel. ;]

  2. My to buy list mainly consists of new things for the Chevelle other than that I have no-ting =p

  3. @Ashley -- I totally feel you. When Kris and I got married I had like months of dry spells from shopping before and after. It was awful. Now I have like a short essay of demands :P

    @KP -- Of course <3

  4. I have the Russian Navy nail polish! You can borrow it in like 5 months ;p

  5. @lola -- That and the burgundy color too?


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