post no. 58 -- Janine Basil

Prepare to be amazed. Are you prepared? Are you amazed?

I know I am.

How completely and utterly amazingly awesome are these?? Before I ever started thinking about shaving off my hair I began thinking of cute little headbands I could wear to spruce up my doo.. or lack there of. This morning, on my continued quest for cuteness I discovered Janine Basil, a hairware designer over in London, UK. Her Etsy shoppe is chocked full with amazing little headbands and hats. If you're still not impressed, what about now:

From deserts, to delights, to tattoos and crowns, I think all of her designs are simply gorgeous. Loving the last one (Shamrock Lady Luck) for the USS O'Kane's future parties and events. I can't wait to get my hands on one, or two, or all! 

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