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This week I'm going to switch up my Things I Want Thursdays posts. Lately I've been having a bit of baby fever between seeing pregnant friends and just the day to day cuties you see in strollers and bugees. The more I think about having a baby the more torn I become. On one hand, I love Kris, and I can't wait to have our children. On the other hand, is a laundry list of things that are less than ideal for having a child as this point in time. The most prominent (top 4) reasons being:
  1. I'm not even 20 yet.
  2. Kristopher is gone 7 months out of the year, and sporadically throughout his time at home. = Single parent. 
  3. We are in Hawaii, far away from the support of family and friends. 
  4. Jack. The 10 month old terror that would  probably abort the baby by jumping on my stomach even if we did decide to get pregnant at this point in time. 
So this week instead of listing material things I want, I am going to list some accomplishments I want before taking the plunge into parenthood. 

Let's begin!

Legal Drinking Age: I would first like to be over the age of 21 before we even start thinking about conceiving a baby. I feel one of the major challenges with military life, is that everything is accelerated, and you skip the freedom of your younger years. Most marry young, rush into children, in the meantime missing our on benefits such ass education. That leads me to my next point... 

College Degree: I really don't even care if it's an Associate's in Nonsense, I want one. Just to say I did it. As most of you know from previous posts I am planning on getting back into the swing of things this fall with a AA in Design. I know so many people, my parents included, that decided to wait on college, and even though as a small business junkie I won't really need it, I want it, so there. 

Finished Sleeve: This totally might sound ridiculous, but I want to finish my sleeve, and a couple other tattoos before we begin with the babies. Most tattoo shops won't ink you up if you are popping out, as there is a chance of infection or something going wrong with the pregnancy. Better to be safe than sorry, means knocking them out, before I push anything out. 

Jeep: When I was growing up I had this crazy idea that I would have a sparkling new Range Rover sitting in my driveway before we decided to have babies. Well, I have come to be a little more realistic since those days and have resolved to be perfectly content with my Jeep. Just because I'm content though, doesn't mean I can't make this thing ballin'. We have a Jeep Commander, a poor man's Land Rover. It's silver with "utilitarian" rims. The ultimate goal is to go black (which will probably happen by the end of the year) and get some fancy rims (like ones we had before they got stolen). Between the Jeep and Kris' Chevelle, I have no doubt we'll be the coolest parents at pre-school. 

Jack: I love this little terror. She's my baby, even though at 4AM she runs into our room and jumps through the air landing with a THUD on our bed... I don't think it's fair to her, as a puppy, to bring another baby into the house. She's used to being the center of attention, and being as hyper as she is, I think preggo me would probably snap at her way more than she deserves. I vote, she lives out her puppy year(s) baby free for now. 

Last but not least...

House in California: Kris and I both grew up in California and we loved it. I really want our kids to grow up in the same environment and everything, with grandparents to visit and everything. I want to have the stability of a house whether we decide to rent or buy right away, but I want that little suburban lifestyle. 

Well those are my goals for the next few years. Naturally, you can all stay posted, as this blog isn't going anywhere!

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