post no. 81 -- What Inspires Me Wednesdays

Military Wives (from WWII): Imagine not knowing where your husband is, and not getting any communication for several weeks at a time. Not being able to just type up an e-mail and send it right off, but to have to wait weeks and even months for a single letter. Now imagine, staying composed during that whole mess. I couldn't do it. I'd probably be a wreck. Society as a whole during the World War II era was just so much classier and put together than we are nowadays, and a piece of me wishes that could still exist in today's culture. 

Snow White Tattoos: Love the entire concept.

Tattoo'd Brides: Kris and my first wedding was in a small little living room in Virginia. Our second was more a celebration for my mom (she wasn't able to attend the first) and other family. Kris and I have already decided to renew our vows our style on our 5th anniversary, and you better believe I'm planning on being a tattoo'd bride. I love the look and the style of pairing classy with offbeat.

Old Couples: Being practically a child bride when Kris and I tied the knot, I love hearing stories about these couples that have been together 60+ years. K and I both bawled when we watched the beginning of UP. I really can't imagine life without him. Tattoo'd, wrinkly, and in love. Those will be my golden years. 

What's inspiring you this Wednesday?


  1. Thanks for this! I have a post in my drafts which isn't finished about life as a military wife, but didn't think for a minute how even though an afghanistan tour is agonising, at least we have some sort of communication and if you live on a base a lot of support. But women then would have had nothing! Makes you feel lucky in a way x

  2. Very lucky, at least comparatively ;)


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