post no. 45 -- Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

So I'm sure  by now you all have noticed the changes around the blog. I just wasn't feeling the cotton candy colors anymore, so I decided to opt. for a more neutral approach. Hope you like it!

Today and tomorrow are going to be crazy! Good thing I had a yummy cup of Jamba to start the day off right! Kris' parents are flying in on Saturday, so in the meantime I'll be deep cleaning our house like no other. Something, we both have been neglecting since Kris got home from surgery. I can't believe it's already Friday!! Last night was date night +one. Kris' friend Tinker (Tinker is his last name, with all these military guys I never honestly learn first names) tagged along to our favorite little sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings. We all played Buzztime Trivia and had a blast. I won, as being the female I am naturally most knowledgeable. Actually, I got every single question wrong up until the third round where I had a 5 question winning streak. Go me! I hope my left overs are still in the fridge by the time I get home this afternoon... This weekend should be fun though. I'm excited for the Super Bowl. I have a bunch of little menu items planned, because I just love parties. I am a master of deviled eggs and yummy cupcakes, so expect pictures Monday!

With Kris' parents, comes the return of his ship from deployment. That means he will be able to get all of his gadgets off finally! He's concerned about his skateboard, but I want the camera, at least to use until I get my Rebel this April. So much has changed these last several months it's unbelievable, and with this next year before us, I want to document as much as possible, both for the blog, and also for our memories. Glad you are all here to tag along for the ride!

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