post no. 67 -- My First Valentine

Did you know, that before today, I had never actually spent a Valentine's Day with Kris?? Fort he last two years we have been living on the opposite sides of the planet practically. Well... continental US but still. We would see each other Christmas and other random holidays, kind of like step children with visitation schedules. But today, this February 14, 2011, is our very first Valentine's day actually together. I'm laughing to myself right now at the fact that right now I'm at work, and he's at home, but still. We're here, together, sandwiched on this little island, celebrating looove.

Truthfully, this Valentine's Day has been pretty low key. Other than the fact that I am running around work like crazy getting everything done for our brides... This evening Kris and I are headed out on a Love Boat Dinner Cruise, and I'm excited. I've been thinking about how in the world I am going to make myself up to look like the girl that I am sans long flowing locks of hair. It's still a work in progress, but I'll figure something out! 

I'm off to wrap things up here at work and then head out to get all dolled up. Kris still has yet to retrieve his camera from the ship, but I will work on snatching some pictures to share with you all. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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