post no. 63 -- Baby Blues

So it seems like it's an unwritten rule in the military everyone starts a family younger than the mainstream. Kris and I have decided to wait to have babies until he is at least on his way out of the military, and I'm at least over the legal drinking age, but it's hard being surrounded my the cuteness of chubby fingers and toes 24/7. So instead of committing to the whole shebang, I just dress my little Mommy & Me imaginary duo. This is the result:

(In my little world, for some reason I'm pregnant with a infant... not exactly how I want it to play out, but I love maternity clothes, so it is what it is) Hope you all enjoy my little ramblings as much as I do!!


  1. Know how you feel! Everyone on our camp has kids and we're considered a bit old not to have any! Definatly a millitary thing! X

  2. So I was trying to figure out what "younger than mainstream" meant when I realized that I am in Utah, and therefore have a completely different mainstream than you. In the Mormon culture (which you are subject to even if you are LDS) You graduate HS, get married, start having kids and stop around 6 or 7. Most of the people I went to school with are pregnant with #2 or 3. So you say "younger than mainstream" and I think "15?"


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