post no. 82 -- It's a Small World After All

The older I get (sounds a little ridiculous at times to hear myself saying that) the smaller the world seems to get. I think living in Hawaii was a huge wake up call for that fact as the more I branch away from California and Laguna Beach the more it seems to follow me around. Last week we put together a private charter for Laguna Beach High School JV Baseball Team... and get this, the coach went to school with Kris. 

I feel that blogging has also helped connect things closer to home as well. Perusing others' blogs led me to Jessica over at TART, who grew up and still lives in Hawaii. It's a trip (at least to me) to think about all the people that are potentially right around the corner, that you have no idea exist, let alone share your same interests, hobbies, I could go on forever. 

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet started a post similar to this after receiving an e-mail from someone in Russia, so here I am just as curious, about where you are, be it city, state, zip code, whatever... 

So, where are you?


  1. I'm from Southern California :) Not the beach (I wish!) but the boring Inland Empire.

  2. Where in the IE?? Kris grew up (elementary school) in Upland :)

  3. You're kidding?! LOL I'm from Upland! Haha oh man the world is tiny :)


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