post no. 88 - Happy Friday!

Kris has duty today, and watch during his dinner hour, so I will have to rough it, and just wait to see him tomorrow. I have a long list of to-do's today after work, so hopefully I can get everything spik-n-span before the weekend starts. Kris and a couple of his friend's discovered parts of the island yesterday, so he's excited to get back out to the beach this Saturday and Sunday. I, as observed from the above picture, need to get to work on my tan. Working in an office half the time doesn't really help getting some color. You can kind of tell though that my hair has started to grow back out, yipee! I was a little bummed when I read that hair only grows a 1/2 in. per month, but esta vida. Our roommate (to be) is getting things worked out with the ship today so we might just have him be moving in shortly. All in all, I think this is going to be a fun little adventure. Obviously, I'll keep you all posted!

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