post no. 54 -- Things I Want Thursdays

So since it's officially Thursday in Hawaii (12:47AM) I can go ahead and start my post for What I Want Thursdays. Kris and I cruised down to the Ala Moana mall tonight, or I guess last night, to meet up with our friend Veronica to pick out Valentine's Day dresses for her hot date with the boy toy. While we were there we stopped by the Apple Store and checked out those little iPod Nanos. I had no idea they were so cool! Did you know they can be made into watches?!? Finding out this tidbit of information has inspired my workout themed What I Want list for the week.
Yes, I do want a $4,000 elliptical machine to eventually turn into a coat rack, don't judge me! :) Hope you all enjoyed! PS -- I love that we all (I know you do it too... maybe just in smaller doses) try to convince ourselves that if we had super cute workout gear we would be compelled to workout way more and stick to a fitness plan. The truth of the matter is: the only plan we're interested in sticking to is a shopping plan.

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