post no. 60 -- Friday Findings

So Friday we went over to the Navy Exchange to pick up some random household goodies, pomade for Kris, and also to investigate some new face products for me. Throughout high school I had minor breakouts, but nothing even to the point of me calling it acne. Ever since moving to Hawaii however, my face has been in serious protest going from one or two pimps a month to a whole arsenal of gun slinging night walkers. 

Growing up my mom "sold", and I use the term sold very loosely, Mary Kay, so naturally I just used what she had and that worked for me. Now though, it's a completely different story. MK just ain't cutting it... so I have to upgrade my forces. That is where Formula 10.0.6 comes into play. 

I picked up the basics of what they had available at the store and so far so good... I've started using the following:

Best Face Foward: This is your basic cleanser. It smells so delicious after I finish washing my face with it. I use morning and night, with an additional wash when I get home from my day, just to get the dirt and grime off immediately. 

So Totally Clean: This is great, it's a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner so it gets off the rest of the impurities the Best Face Forward leaves behind. I apply it with a cotton ball, but I'm thinking of changing over to the cotton pads. I try to only glance over my problem spots with this one to make sure they're good and taken care of. 

Seriously Shine Free: This moisturizer is the best I have used. It totally smells like a Whole Foods store, but who cares, it leaves my face soft like a baby's bum. The bamboo acts like a little polisher and I love the fact that it gives my skin a matted glow instead of acting as a reflecting mirror for shine. 

So far my skin seems to be doing better, so I will keep everyone posted if it keeps working out well! 


  1. I'm 26 and I've had bad skin forever and it's only taken me til the end of last year to work out what products and routine work for me! It's not 100% still, I still have bad days but less than before! Good luck with yours! :) x

  2. You might think this is crazy, but once or twice a week, I wash my face and body with honey in the shower. I know, I thought it was odd, too. Have you tried tea tree oil to combat the pimples?


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