post no. 72 -- Cuff & Roll: Six Ways to Roll Your Jeans

While farting around the blogoverse this morning I came across a neat little post from a blog called Eat, Sleep, Denim. Back in July they posted an interesting little spot about different ways to cuff your jeans. Finding myself obsessed with jeans, and rolled cuffs especially, I thought it only fitting to share my little discovery with the rest of you.

Jennine broke the styles down into 6 main choices:

The Bubble Roll

 The Neat Cuff

 The Carefree Cuff

The Messy Roll

The Classic Peg

The Pressed Cuff

For more cuffed denim information, check our her post

1 comment:

  1. Gah! Love this post. LOVE those shoes!!! And the cuffs of course. I have an obnoxiously long pair of skinny jeans that I'll be rolling this weekend.


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