post no. 62 -- Yummay Sunday


Kris and I just got back from Denny's. After staying up way too late, and drinking way too much (Kris, I was DD), pancakes and hot coffee seemed like the best possible option. 

I love this picture I snapped this morning. There was a child screaming at the top of its lungs, and at that moment we decided parenthood was not for us at this point in time. Today is going to totally be a loaf day with Ancient Aliens marathons and lots of internet browsing. We're nerdy like that. Hop everyone is having a great weekend! 

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  1. I feel like my hangovers would be much easier dispelled if I lived in the US and thus had access to amazing breakfasts that involved pancakes! Damn we need Denny's over here!
    Every time I hear a child scream I add another year to the age I might feel like I want kids!


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